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Strengthen and protect your nails with Calcium Nooves Complete Repair

If you want to show off strong and healthy nails, Nooves Complete Repair Calcium is the ideal solution. This product from the Care series is designed to protect and strengthen your nails, preventing breakage and detachment. Thanks to its exclusive formula, made from natural ingredients such as olive oil, glycerin and vitamin E, among others, this polish helps keep your nails soft and healthy. In addition, its durable protective layer prevents discoloration and wear on the nails.

The exclusive formula of Nooves Complete Repair Calcium: what makes it so special?

Nooves Complete Repair Calcium is especially beneficial thanks to its high concentration of minerals, which protect nails from damage caused by external factors such as sun, pollution and chemicals. With this product, you can be sure that your nails will be protected and look healthy at all times.

Don't think twice and try Nooves Complete Repair Calcium to keep your nails strong and healthy. With its exclusive formula and the perfect combination of natural ingredients, this product is the ideal choice for your nail care. Get it now in our online store!

  • Strengthen your nails:The exclusive formula ofComplete Repair Calcium NoovesIt is designed to strengthen and protect nails, preventing breakage and detachment.
  • Natural nutrition:HeComplete Repair CalciumofNoovesIt is made with a blend of natural ingredients such as olive oil, glycerin and vitamin E, which help strengthen and soften nails, keeping them healthy and strong.
  • Wear protection:The durable protective layer ofComplete Repair CalciumofNoovesPrevents discoloration and wear of the nail, keeping them in perfect condition for longer.
  • Protection against daily damage:HeComplete Repair CalciumofNoovesIt contains a large amount of minerals that help protect nails against damage caused by the sun, pollution and chemicals.
  • Easy application:The soft texture ofComplete Repair CalciumofNoovesallows easy application, ensuring a uniform and long-lasting finish.

All products ofNoovesThey are certified in accordance with the GMP 22761 cosmetics regulation. All products comply with the European Union regulation. All products are certified on the European portal (CPNP) Cosmetic Law Regulation (EC) 1223/2009.

  1. Start by prepping your nails, making sure they are clean and dry before applying polish. If you have any residue on your nails you can use theRemoveto delete it.
  2. Shake the nail polish bottle well.Complete Repair Calciumbefore use so that the formula mixes evenly.
  3. Apply a thin layer of polishComplete Repair Calciumon your nails, starting from the base of the nail and working towards the tip. Make sure it covers the entire nail and that there are no bare areas.
  4. Wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying a second coat. This will ensure that the formula adheres properly to your nails.
  5. After applying the second coat, wait for it to dry completely before doing any activities that could damage the polish, such as washing your hands or touching hard objects.
  6. For an optimal result, apply the nail polishComplete Repair Calciumevery other day and remove it completely after a week before reapplying it.

By following these simple steps, you will get the best results when using theComplete Repair CalciumofNoovesto strengthen and protect your nails.

Ingredients (INCI): Ethyl acetate, Butyl acetate, MEK, Nitrocellulose, Isopropyl.

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