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Dehydrator Benefits

Dehydrator Nooves Nails

The Nooves Nails Dehydrator , also known as a nail dehydrator , is an essential product in the world of nail care. Its main function is to prepare the nail optimally before applying any type of product . This plays a fundamental role in ensuring that the nail surface is in ideal conditions to maximize the adhesion and durability of the polish.

Our Nooves Nails Dehydrator is a true ally in the manicure and pedicure process, offering a 2-in-1 approach by combining dehydration and cleansing functions in a single product. Prepares the nail by effectively removing dirt and grease accumulated on the surface. This is essential, as any residue from natural oils, creams or environmental contaminants could interfere with the proper adhesion of NOOVES pre-cured gel nail foils. Removing these elements creates a clean, clog-free base on which the polish will be applied.

In addition to its cleaning action, the Dehydrator Nooves Nails also has the ability to degrease the nail . The natural oil present in the nails can make it difficult for products to adhere and contribute to the polish coming off prematurely. By removing this grease, you ensure a more conducive surface for the polish to adhere firmly.

Another crucial function is its ability to reduce moisture in the nail. Excessive humidity can be a negative factor in adhesion. Additionally, it neutralizes the pH. Maintaining a balanced pH is essential for nail health and strength.

After the application of Dehydrator Nooves Nails , it is recommended to let the product evaporate completely before proceeding with the next stage, which is the application of a primer or directly placing our NOOVES semi-cured gel nail sheets.

HeDehydratorof the lineBeauty SeriesIt is much more than a common nail dehydrator. As you incorporate it into your skincare routine, you'll enjoy a number of notable benefits:

  • Professional Preparation:Get salon-quality results at home. HeDehydratorEnsures a clean and balanced base for flawless polish.
  • Maximize Adhesion:By removing residue and grease, it ensures that the polish adheres firmly and lasts longer.
  • pH balance:Neutralizes the pH of your nails, essential for their health and resistance.
  • Humidity Reduction:By reducing humidity, you avoid adhesion problems and prolong the life of your manicure.
  • Professional Finish:Get ready for radiant nails. HeDehydratoroptimizes the final result of your manicure, highlighting shine and perfection.

Get a professional manicure from the comfort of your home with theDehydratorfrom the collectionBeauty Series. Follow these simple steps to optimally prepare your nails and achieve salon-quality results:

Step 1:Clean your nails: Start with clean nails without polish. Remove any residue from previous nail polish with our nail polish remover.

Step 2:Apply the Dehydrator: Twist the containerDehydratorand use the applicator to distribute a thin layer on each nail. Make sure you cover the entire surface.

Step 3:Let Dry: Allow the product to evaporate completely. This helps remove moisture and prepares your nails for the next stage.

Step 4:Ready to Polish!: Once dry, your nails are ready to receive the polish. The cleaned and balanced base guarantees perfect and long-lasting adhesion.

Step 5:Finish with Top Coat: After applying your favorite polish, ensure durability and shine with a top coat. Enjoy a flawless manicure!

Alcohol Denat., Acetone, CI 60730

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Sonia (Madrid)
Cumple con su función

Tenía dudas si comprarlo ,por problemas de alergia y la verdad que por ahora va super bien ,las laminas de adhieren mucho mejoe

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