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Extension Premium Kit: The perfect solution for long and resistant nails

The Nooves Extension Premium Kit is the perfect kit for all those people who want to show off long, strong and beautiful nails. With our kit, you can achieve a spectacular appearance on your nails in a very short time and without having to go to a beauty salon. Do it yourself and get professional results at home!

Benefits of the Nooves Extension Premium Kit

  • Long and resistant nails in just a few minutes.
  • Natural and cared for appearance thanks to superior quality tips.
  • Perfect shaping of the nail foil to give extra length.
  • Nooves Extension Builder to strengthen your nails and protect them from breakage.
  • Nooves High Gloss Cleanser to give your nails a spectacular shine.
  • 48 Extension Tips , 24 short and 24 long for the complete experience.

In addition, with our Extension Premium Kit you can easily place the tips on your gel nail sheets, which will allow you to show off spectacular nails at all times. The results of extensions are the perfect option to achieve a professional result at home and show off spectacular nails on any occasion!

Don't waste any more time and get the Nooves Extension Premium Kit. Make your nails look radiant at all times!

*No sheets or UV lamp are included in this Kit.

  • 1Extension Builder.
  • 1High Gloss Cleanser.
  • 48TipsofExtension, 24 short and 24 long.

All products ofNoovesThey are certified in accordance with the GMP 22761 cosmetics regulation. All products comply with the European Union regulation. All products are certified on the European portal (CPNP) Cosmetic Law Regulation (EC) 1223/2009.

  1. Remove any nail polish and clean your nails with alcohol to ensure they are clean and
    dry. Soak your nails in warm water for a few minutes, dry them well and with the help of the orange stick or ourQuartz Dual Stickto gently push back your cuticles.

2. Choose the gel sheet that corresponds to your nail and place it by pressing the edges with the help of the orange stick.

New Tip:
By pressing with the orange stick you can do it together with the protective plastic that has the gel sheet on top of it. Once placed, we remove the protector.

3. Cut to the desired length and shape.

4. Apply theTIPSofEXTENSIONchoosing the most suitable one for your nail width.

New Tips:
With the help of the orange stick on the back, behind the nail you see giving the shape by pressing carefully
down it from the edge of your nail outwards.

5. With theTIPSofPOSITION EXTENSIONSWe cure under the UV/LED lamp for two minutes.

6. Carefully remove theTIPSofEXTENSIONand we apply theExtension Buildercarefully without touching our skin in front and a little behind at the end of the nail. (If when applying Extension Builder you leave the contour of the nail, before curing clean it with the help of the stick and a little cotton).

7. We cure under the lampUV/LEDduringtwo minutes, in front and behind the nail, we can
notice a little heat, it is normal.

8.We cleanwith theHigh Gloss Cleanser, included in the kit, to remove the dispersion layer, and file to finish giving the desired shape or any imperfection and…

You now have your nails ready as if you left the salon!

Remember to keep them clean and well cared for so they last longer.

¿Cómo se colocan?





Cortar y limar


Preguntas frecuentes


¿Cuánto tiempo durará mi manicura?

Nuestras láminas de uñas de gel duran de 2 a 3 semanas.

¿Cual es la diferencia entre pegatinas y láminas de uñas de gel?

Nuestras láminas de uñas están hechas de auténtico gel curado al 60%, necesitan ser curadas para finalizar el proceso. Una vez curadas se quedan duras pero flexibles.

Tengo las uñas cortas / largas / estrechas / finas, ¿puedo colocarme las láminas?

Claro!! , las láminas de uñas están diseñadas para recortarse a la longitud de su propia uña e incluso más, puedes consultar nuestra tabla de tallas para ver si se ajusta a tu uña.

Las láminas de uñas de gel son suaves y elásticas cuando se separan del film y una vez colocadas en la uña se adaptan a ella fácilmente. 

Te recomendamos elegir una pieza un poco más pequeña al aplicar

¿Producen algún tipo de alergia?

No, nuestras láminas de uñas de gel a diferencia de la manicura tradicional no produce alergia, son Cruelty Free y Vegan Ok.

¿Se pueden mojar?

Nuestras láminas de uñas de gel son impermeables y se pueden mojar sin problemas durante toda su vida útil. Se recomienda no mojarlas durante las 2 horas posteriores a su colocación.

¿Cómo evitar que las láminas se caigan fácilmente?

Es muy importante la limpieza inicial de las uñas para conseguir una buena adherencia de las láminas, también recomendamos limar las uñas un poco en la zona superficial para conseguir más canales de adherencia y evitar colocar las láminas sobre las cutículas o sobre la piel.

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