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The perfect solution for removing Premium Nooves nail foils

Do you need a gentle yet effective solution to remove Nooves Premium Gel Nail Foils? Nooves Nail Remover is the answer you are looking for. This acetone-free solution contains specially formulated active ingredients to dissolve gel while protecting your nails. In addition, Nooves Nail Remover has a pleasant strawberry scent, which makes for an even more pleasant Nooves Premium Gel Nail Foil removal experience.

With its use, you can easily remove nail foils and reveal clean, dewy nails.

Easy to apply and environmentally friendly

Nooves Nail Remover comes with a dropper cap for hassle-free and hygienic application, making it an excellent choice for quick and easy gel nail foil removal. In addition, this product has not been tested on animals nor does it include ingredients of animal origin, which makes it ideal for those looking for cosmetic products that are aware of their environmental impact. With Nooves Nail Remover , you can enjoy a semi-cured gel nail foil removal solution that is easy to use and environmentally friendly.

  1. Quick and easy: The NailRemoveofNoovesis a quick and easy solution for removing premium gel nail foils fromNooves. Compared to other removal methods such as filing or scraping, this remover is much faster and less harsh on your nails.
  2. Protect your nails: Nail's acetone-free formulaRemoveofNoovesProtects your nails and keeps them healthy during the removal process of Premium Gel Nail Foils.Nooves. Compared to other products with acetone, which can damage and weaken nails, NailRemoveofNoovesIt is a safe and healthy option.
  3. Pleasant strawberry smell:Nail RemoverofNoovesIt has a pleasant strawberry smell, which makes it an even more pleasant foil removal experience. Compared with other products with strong chemical smell, theNail RemoverofNoovesIt is a more pleasant option for your senses.
  4. Dropper cap for hygienic application: TheNail RemoveofNoovesIt comes with a dropper cap, allowing for hygienic and hassle-free application. Compared to other products that can be difficult to apply or cause spills and waste, NailRemoveofNoovesIt is a more practical and convenient option.
  5. Environmentally friendly: TheNail RemoverofNoovesIt has not been tested on animals nor does it include ingredients of animal origin. Compared to other products that may be tested on animals or contain ingredients harmful to the environment, theNail RemoverofNoovesIt is a more ethical and responsible option.

All products ofNoovesThey are certified in accordance with the GMP 22761 cosmetics regulation. All products comply with the European Union regulation. All products are certified on the European portal (CPNP) Cosmetic Law Regulation (EC) 1223/2009.

  1. Put a few drops ofNail Removeand let it act for a few seconds and with the help of the stick you gently remove it.
  2. Clean your nails with the cotton wipes included in the box.

Ingredients (INCI): Ethyl acetate, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Parfum, CI 45100, Benzyl Alcohol, Citronellol, d-Limonene, Linalool

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sonia (Gádor)
Me ha gustado mucho

Cumple muy bien con su función,las despega las uñas super rápido y tiene un olor riquísimo

Pilar Navarro Cano
Increíble !!

Había leído que podías quitar las uñas sin dañarlas, pero no creía que no dañase nada de nada. A demás de no dañar la uña nada, no pierdes el tiempo, funciona muy rápido.

Instagram feed @nooves_nails

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