Starter Kit Beauty Blue - Starter Pack with Top Coat - Royal Blue - Midnight Blue

| Solid color | Blue
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👌 They do not damage your nail, they protect your natural nail
✨ Salon manicure at home
💅 Easy to apply
🐰 Vegan and cruelty-free
You'll Need our Lamp! A powerful mini UV/LED lamp that cures your gel mani in 60 seconds!

Explore a world of elegance and style with our new Blue Starter Kit . This kit gives you the opportunity to show off captivating nails with the Royal Blue and Midnight Blue models, two impressive options that capture the essence of blue in all its shades.

The model Royal Blue immerses you in the mysterious depths of an intense blue ocean. This design is an expression of boldness and sophistication, perfect for those looking to stand out with a touch of mystery in their hands. Each nail will be a work of art that evokes the serenity of the deep sea.

On the other hand, the Midnight Blue model is an ode to the elegance and mystery of the dark grayish blue that it offers us. This design evokes the deep tranquility of a starry night. Your nails will look a mysterious blue tone that brings sophistication to any occasion.

The Blue Starter Kit also includes essential elements for a perfect manicure. Our 8W portable UV Lamp is your ally for quick and efficient drying of gel nail foils. In addition, with the Gel Top Coat Glossy , your nails will obtain an exceptional shine and longer life.

Whether you choose the intensity of the Royal Blue or the depth of blue in Midnight Blue , our Starter Kit Blue offers you a world of possibilities to wear blue on your nails in a unique and elegant way.

Discover the magic of blue with our Starter Kit Blue and give your hands the touch of style they deserve!"

and now with the Quartz Dual Stick as a gift !!!

    1. Durability: NOOVES Premium Gel Sheets are designed to last up to 2 weeks without wearing down or peeling.

    2. Ease of application: Thanks to their self-adhesive design, NOOVES Premium gel sheets are quick and easy to apply, without the need for glue.

    3. Variety of Shades: NOOVES offers a wide range of shades to choose from, from classic to trending, so everyone can find their perfect shade.

    4. Easy to cut: With NOOVES Premium gel sheets you can easily adjust their size to your nails,

    5. Toxic-free: NOOVES is a brand that is aware of the environment and the health of its customers, which is why all its products are free of toxins and are safe for skin and nails.

    1. PREPARE

    Clean your nails and gently push back your cuticles with the help of the orange stick that is included in your package.

    1. CHOOSE

    Choose the size that best suits your nail, preferably a little smaller.

    1. APPLY

    After removing the film, place it on your nail without touching the cuticle and press the edges with the stick


     Remove excess by cutting with nail clipper/scissor until flush with nail and file excess gel down flush with nail, place file horizontally along the contour of the nail, in a sweeping motion file firmly around the edge.

    Tip NOVES

     Use the orange stick to gently press across the entire gel sheet to seal all edges before drying, this will prevent hair or dirt from sticking to the perimeter of the newly applied nail.

    1. CURE

    Cure under UV lamp for 60 seconds

    1. FINISH!

     Apply our Gel Top Coat Glossy, an easy to use, buildable gel top coat that not only leaves your nails looking shiny, but also prolongs the wear of gel nails!

    Tip NOVES

    Make sure not to expose unused sheets to UV light while performing the different operations, if the sheets are exposed to UV light they will self-cure and become unusable, store them in the box while the lamp is in use.


    1.  Put a few drops of stirrer and let it act for a few seconds and with the help of the stick you gently withdraw.
    2. Clean your nails with the cotton wipes.

    • 20 Premium Semi-Cured Gel Sheets
    • 1 orange stick
    • 1 lime
    • 2 alcohol prep pads
    • instruction sheet

    Polyacrylic Acid, Acrylates copolymer, Glycerine propoxylate triacrylate, Isopropylthioxanthone. May contain: D&C Red NO.6 Barium Lake, D&C Red NO.7 Calcium Lake, FD&C Yellow NO.5 Aluminum Lake, D&C Yellow NO.10, FD&C Blue NO.9 Aluminum Lake, Black Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide (13463- 67-7), Aluminum Powder, Bismuth Oxychloride, Mica, Fragrance Compound.

    ¿Cómo se colocan?





    Cortar y limar


    ¿Cómo se quitan?



    ✨important recommendations✨


    The gel sheets are 60% semi-cured, which is why they cannot be exposed to direct sunlight , so they cannot be placed outdoors or in direct sunlight, like any UV Gel , it is recommended that when When curing, excess sheets remain in their packaging envelope.

    What happens if direct light hits them?
    The sheets will be cured, soft and will not stick to your nail. The sheets, once properly cured, always remain hard; if not, they have been exposed to direct light for too long.

    Preguntas frecuentes


    ¿Cuánto tiempo durará mi manicura?

    Nuestras láminas de uñas de gel duran de 2 a 3 semanas.

    ¿Cual es la diferencia entre pegatinas y láminas de uñas de gel?

    Nuestras láminas de uñas están hechas de auténtico gel curado al 60%, necesitan ser curadas para finalizar el proceso. Una vez curadas se quedan duras pero flexibles.

    Tengo las uñas cortas / largas / estrechas / finas, ¿puedo colocarme las láminas?

    Claro!! , las láminas de uñas están diseñadas para recortarse a la longitud de su propia uña e incluso más, puedes consultar nuestra tabla de tallas para ver si se ajusta a tu uña.

    Las láminas de uñas de gel son suaves y elásticas cuando se separan del film y una vez colocadas en la uña se adaptan a ella fácilmente. 

    Te recomendamos elegir una pieza un poco más pequeña al aplicar

    ¿Producen algún tipo de alergia?

    No, nuestras láminas de uñas de gel a diferencia de la manicura tradicional no produce alergia, son Cruelty Free y Vegan Ok.

    ¿Se pueden mojar?

    Nuestras láminas de uñas de gel son impermeables y se pueden mojar sin problemas durante toda su vida útil. Se recomienda no mojarlas durante las 2 horas posteriores a su colocación.

    ¿Cómo evitar que las láminas se caigan fácilmente?

    Es muy importante la limpieza inicial de las uñas para conseguir una buena adherencia de las láminas, también recomendamos limar las uñas un poco en la zona superficial para conseguir más canales de adherencia y evitar colocar las láminas sobre las cutículas o sobre la piel.

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