NUPEVE (hereinafter NOOVES) informs that it fully complies with REGULATION (EC) No. 1223/2009 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, of November 30, 2009, on cosmetic products and as a consequence of the transposition of said European Regulation in The Spanish legal system is also subject to Royal Decree 85/2018, of February 23, which regulates cosmetic products.

Consequently, NOOVES certifies that all its products, including liquids, gel nail sheets and accessories, comply with the European standards and regulations on the safety of cosmetic products.

As is evident, NOOVES abides, without exception, all the obligations established in said Regulation, among which it considers it convenient to highlight the following:

  • All NOOVES products are marketed with the appropriate labeling, including the correlation of ingredients that compose them.
  • Adherence, without exception, to the list of prohibited substances attached in Annex II of said Regulation; Consequently, NOOVES ensures that none of its products contain said substances, and that, in the case of containing them, they do not exceed the quantitative limits established in said Annex.
  • Availability of Safety Data Sheets for all the products mentioned above, when applicable.
  • All products marketed under the NOOVES trademark, where appropriate, are notified on the European Cosmetic Product Notification Portal CPNP , which are made available to European Organizations, with their correlative Safety Data Sheet, for the purposes of facilitate its control activity.

Finally, note that NOOVES guarantees that all its liquid chemical products come mainly from Spain and other Member States of the European Union and ensures that none of them are imported from China or from any country in the Middle East. It also certifies that none of its products have been tested on animals.

By virtue of everything stipulated above, NOOVES is responsible for and guarantees the quality of its products; which shows the extreme attention paid to this matter, always maintaining the preservation of the quality of its products as a priority.