new tips

how to apply

How to correctly place your NOOVES Premium Gel nail sheets, follow these simple steps

Step 1.- Prepare

Clean your nails and gently push your
cuticles back with the help of the orange stick that is included in your

Step 2.- Select

Select the size that best suits your nail, preferably a little smaller.

Step 3.- Apply

After removing the film, place it on your nail without touching the cuticle and press the edges with the stick

Step 4.- Cut and File

Remove excess by cutting with nail clipper/scissor until flush with nail and file excess gel down flush with nail, place file horizontally along the contour of the nail, in a sweeping motion file firmly around the edge.

pro tip

Use the orange stick to gently press all the edges of the nail to ensure maximum adhesion, this will prevent hair or dirt from sticking to the perimeter of the newly applied nail.

Step 5.- Cure

Cure under UV/LED lamp for 60 / 120 seconds.

Step 6.- Done!

Apply our GEL TOP COAT GLOSSY , an easy to use and buildable top gel coat providing an ultra-shiny finish and soft to the touch, thanks to its gel formula.

Step 6. Cure and Go!

Cure again under UV/LED lamp for 60/120 seconds and voila!

Professional Tip

Make sure not to expose unused sheets to UV/LED light while performing the various operations, if sheets are exposed to UV/LED light they will self-cure and become unusable, store in box while lamp is in use.

New Tips

How to withdraw?

How to remove your Premium Nooves gel nail sheets very easily

Step 1.-

  1. Put a few drops of our Nail Remover and let it act for a few seconds.

Step 2.-

Remove them little by little with the orange stick and then clean your nails with cotton pads.

AND ! Done! It's that easy!